Constellation (Dreams, 2007)

Wood, fabric, thread, nails,
typewritten text on paper.
480 cm x 265 cm x 205 cm

Resulting from the chart for Untitled (Dreams, 2007) and my work of analyzing these
395 dreams, especially by comparing individual dreams and the recurring combination of certain symbols/ characters with each other, I created the installation "Constellation".
This installation lets me observe and display a deeper insight into the significance of the unconscious mind in relation to my emotional life in the time period of recording my dreams and also add, due to its aesthetics, an extra visual and haptic layer.
Characters & symbols, fragments of dreams, interpretation and thoughts in relation towards each other.
Chart, displaying each single recurrence of the 38 most prominent and intriguing main characters and symbols in all of the 395 dreams.
Fragments of exemplary dreams.
Installation view, Kleiner Salon, 2015.
© Angela Kaisers 2018