Sometimes, Yesterday, Generally.
Amidst Chaos,
Moral Withdrawal.
Lust Besieges
Kingdoms, Saints.
Within Callous Fortresses,
Can't Guarantee Joviality.
Endless Appetite Persists.
Fearing Anesthesia
Recurring Mindlessness.
Tantrums, Vices, Guilt
Have Hindered
Serenity, Recuperation.
But Despite
All Burdens
Severe Ruptures Pollute,
Abort Harmony.
Dreams That
Treasure Sanctuary
Dreams, Displaying More
Than Craving.
With Burning
Tears Hassling
My Mind,
With Banalities
Spoiling My Bravery,
Somehow Lacking
Reality. Love
Or Hate
Keeps Men
Here. Gaining Wisdom,
Slowly Preparing Yourself.
What Hazy Days.
Sensual, Sedative.
What Heated Desires
Mesmerizing, Maddening.
Tensions Perpetuate. Genuine
Memories, Beautiful
Times, Moments
Of Warmth,
Tenderness. Picturing
Life Before
Dawn, Daylight Luring.
Just What
Should, Can
I Believe?
Good, Bad Scenarios.
How Cruelly Wonderful,
Absurd Solitude
Seems. Life Mustn't
Lack Courage.
Tempting Encounters, Lasting
Situations. Let
Timidness Provoke Gentleness.
What Makes Ghosts Haunt?
What Makes Joy Linger?
Sharing Thoughts.
What Makes Reality Surreal?
What Makes People Men?
Asking. Explaining.
Judging. Legends,
Rumors, Speculations
Producing Myths.
Generalizations Have
Been Bringing
Me Down.
Demanding Distance.
Sorting The
Chaos. Gasping For Breath. Joyful Hours
Cast Form, Outshine Solitude. Tearful Ballads, Joyous Hymns –
Music Comforts
The Soul.
Same Feelings Or Alternative Getaway
Shamelessly Following
Such Flights. Jaded Liaisons Have
Faded. As Ideals Develop,
Days Substitute Dreams. Blissful Journey, Enchanted
Versus Submerged,
Just Simmering Frivolities,
Seclusion. Fighting Order, Sense, Wisdom.
Gracefully Giving

His Ego
Lost In
Berlin. Eventually,
Not Empathy
Nor Affection
May Generate
– Albeit Link –
Seen Improvements.
Changes Leaves
Amor Ruined,
Creating A
Grueling And
Grim Environment.
Alas, Sustained
Selfishness Echoes
Buried Rejections.
Kindling Reality
Renders Burden.
Seeking Retreat
Is Not
Surrender! Nor
Salvation. Being
There Evolves
X-raying Each
Concealed Soul.
Being Apart
Triggers Longing.
Pulling Back.
Being – Ironically –
Possessive, Oblivious
At Times.
Respect Not
Fiery Revenge
Revives Attention.

The possibilities and difficulties of the posthumous presentation and perception of the life and work of Wallace Berman.


The California assemblage and collage artist Wallace Berman (1926–1976) did not separate his work from his life and has been known as “living work of art”. As he did not talk about his intentions the contemplators of Berman’s works have to (and have the chance to) draw their own conclusions from them – during his lifetime as well as after his death.

Berman’s fusion of life and work is most evident in Semina, the collage magazine he published from 1955–1964. It seems obvious to study the nine issues of Semina whose re-print editions belong to the collection of the library of the Lyrik Kabinett in Munich, Germany.

A different approach offered the comprehensive exhibition Pacific Standard Time. Kunst in Los Angeles 1950–1980 at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, Germany, by presenting artworks as well as memorabilia of Wallace Berman and promising the visitor a look behind the scenes.

In Bermania! Composing a Revival. I describe and discuss – on the basis of my research about Wallace Berman’s life and work – my observations of these two contrasting forms of presentation.

Resulting from these reflections I created my installation, which is composed of historical references and own art works. Furnishings from the 1950/60s and books from and about this era, about Berman’s environment and interests, fuse with image and text collages that consist of material from magazines and books from the 1950s–1970s.

Like a musical composition the perceivers are also the interpreters of this piece. They have the freedom – and the power – to decide for themselves how to handle and experience the given materials.

In relation to the observed presentations this revival, by being a newly created work of art, introduces an alternative way of showing and contemplating the complex “living work of art”, the work and life of Wallace Berman.
"Bermania! Composing a Revival." is in the collection of the library of the Lyrik Kabinett Munich.

Wie jeder Ausstellungsort und die Zeit, in der ein Werk entsteht, als auch in welcher es präsentiert wird, ihre eigene Stimmung und Atmosphäre einbringen, so fügt auch jeder Betrachter eine zusätzliche, zum Teil stark changierende, Stimmung dieser Komplexität hinzu. Dieses Konglomerat bildet die Mise-en-scène, die Inszenierung – aber auch die Wahrnehmung – von Kunst in ihrem Ausstellungskontext.

Herausgegeben von Angela Kaisers, Atalya Laufer, Mélanie Schneider.

Mit Texten von Michael Bahr, Hannah Gieseler, Tatiana Ilichenko, Vladimir Isailovic, Angela Kaisers, Atalya Laufer, Nora Mertes, Vincent Rebers, Francisco Rozas, Mélanie Schneider, Constanze Thielecke, Hristina Vancheva.
© Angela Kaisers 2018